Phlegm In Throat

Six Tips for Eliminating Phlegm in Throat

Phlegm in your throat is actually a sign that the body’s immune system is fighting off a cold.  Therefore, if you find that you have this problem, you first need to take care of your health so you do not become sick.  In addition, phlegm is also embarrassing, causing a constant coughing and clearing of the throat.  Because phlegm is thick, it takes more effort to dislodge it so the cough is not someone subtle but a serious cough that typically gets a lot of attention from people nearby.

If you have phlegm in your throat and are tired of hacking and coughing, you have many options to make the problem go away, some that include:

Smoking – Phlegm can develop from smoking so quitting is not only the way to eliminate this problem but also eliminate risk of cancer. With smoking, the bronchial passageway and lungs become irritated and when this happens, phlegm is produced. Additionally, smoking makes it hard for the body to fight off infection so when you develop a seasonal cold, phlegm in your throat would be even more exaggerated.

Sinus Infection – This type of infection is notorious for causing the development of phlegm. While the body produces mucus anyway, with a sinus infection, it is worse. Rather than the mucus draining as it should, it begins to accumulate in the throat, causing you to cough so the key is to get the infection under control so the phlegm would also go away.

Expectorant – To break up thick mucus and phlegm in your throat, you can purchase an over-the-counter expectorant. As the mucus becomes thinner, it can be dislodged from the throat easier. The better expectorants contain bromhexine or guaifenesin so you want to check the label when buying.

Cough Suppressants – Many people think the best way to get rid of phlegm in your throat is by taking a cough suppressant, which sounds logical but this is something you need to avoid. The reason is that to dislodge phlegm you need to cough so by suppressing the cough, mucus and phlegm get much worse.

Fluids – It is also important to increase your intake of fluids. Remember that phlegm is a thick, sticky substance so drinking more water actually helps to wash the phlegm down. In addition, several herbal teas such as green tea work well in that they help just as water would but they also fight infection.

Spit – One of the worse things you can do is swallow phlegm. Interestingly, phlegm contains glycoproteins and immunoglobulins that work with the body to fight infection but when these substances die, perhaps from taking antibiotics, they actually become a part of what phlegm is made of so you want to spit it out, never swallow it. Simply take a tissue or handkerchief with you so the phlegm in your throat can be eliminated the healthy way.